Thursday, April 27, 2017

Seesaw - A great tool to capture student learning and share with families.

I've been waiting for a tool like seesaw to come around and finish what Threering, a former digital portfolio tool, was trying to accomplish in education 5 years ago.  Well, Seesaw did it.

Seesaw allows the teacher or the student to capture their learning in digital journal form.  Once you have captured a student's work, you can share that work with their family.  This simple aspect allows parents and family to get a look into their child's classroom and a look into their learning.  That simple example aside Seesaw is so much more than that and that is where Threering left off.

Seesaw has so many layers of learning that you can use and it is so simple to incorporate into the classroom.  Watch the video below and listen to a student share how she is using it in her learning.  Thanks to topdogteacher, Kayla Delzer and her class, topdogkids.  If you use seesaw, please tweet me @techbradwaid or tag me on IG @techbradwaid and share! 

* A Game Changing Tool

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