Thursday, February 25, 2016

Practice skip counting and mental math with Artgig's Jump!

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Artgig Apps has just released their newest education app, Jump! I was lucky enough to get early access to try it out, and it is a lot of fun! I love the apps storyline which includes 48 games and 6 different environments. The goal is to save all the Snortles while avoiding the Stomper.

A very important feature of Jump! is the adaptive game engine that adjusts the difficulty for each player so the challenge is just right. This allows each student to enjoy learning at their personalized pace. Check out all the app's features below.

Practice skip counting and mental math as you squish numbers together
Apply multiplication knowledge to figure out the next number
Game difficulty adapts to your own skills, so you will be challenged, but not overwhelmed
Hints are always available, because sometimes the obvious just isn’t obvious
Make your path in any direction you like - where it leads is up to you
Every game screen is dynamically generated, so you never play the same game twice
Earn bonus beach balls to play with at the beach party!
6 environments to cross, 141 Snortles to rescue, so many numbers to squish
Play and replay levels to rescue all the Snortles
Option to turn off Stompers and fuses for a more relaxing math journey
Unlimited user accounts

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