Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Practice and Test Your Addition Skills with AR Flashcards: Addition

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Mitchlehan Media is at it again! They have recently announced the release of a free version of AR Flashcards Space and the new release of their latest augmented reality application, AR Flashcards Addition! This fun filled app allows students to use augmented reality to solve addition equations located on the printable flashcards. The students can practice their addition facts then test their knowledge with timed quizzes! Like each app before it, AR Flashcards makes learning fun, engaging, and visually beautiful. 

- 100 equations from 0 + 0 to 9 + 9!

- Beautiful 3d numbers and animals that help students solve the equations!

- Test your knowledge with three different timed quizzes based on difficulty!

- Tap the screenshot button to save your pics of the beautiful AR equations!

- Double tap the screen to focus so that you can adjust your device's camera to better bring up the 3D objects.

- You can print out the flashcards or if you own two iOS devices you can access the flashcards from within the app in a beautiful swipeable gallery!


You can download the Addition Flashcards in 2 Sizes:
(9 Cards/Page)
(4 Cards/Page)

Follow @Mitchlehan on Twitter for news and updates regarding all the current and future AR Flashcards apps. 

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