Monday, January 11, 2016

Apple's iOS 9.3 Brings MAJOR News for iPads in Education!

Apple has made some major announcements for education that will arrive with iOS 9.3! 

Photo: Apple

Shared iPad
Apple's website describes Shared iPad as, 
"When a 1:1 student-to-iPad ratio isn’t possible, Shared iPad offers an elegant solution that lets students enjoy the benefits of having their own iPad in whatever classroom they’re in. They simply log in to any iPad, and their content is ready to go."
Shared iPad allows students to find their iPad quickly using photo ID, younger students will use a 4 digit pin for easier log in, students will get fast, easy access to their materials, intelligent caching allows students to pick up where they left off. 

Photo: Apple

Classroom App
Apple's website describes the new Classroom App as, 
"Every teacher can use a little help. With Classroom, you can launch everyone’s apps at the same time, then guide what students are looking at on their devices. So teachers can focus on teaching, and students can focus on learning."
Classroom App allows educators to glance at a student iPad with Screen View, launch and lock apps with Remote Control, easily share student work to a big screen, and quickly reset forgotten student passwords.

Photo: Apple

Apple School Manager
Apple School Manager is described on Apple’s website as,
“Introducing one central place for admins to create Apple IDs, build courses, and access everything you need to deploy iPad in your school. All from the web browser on your Mac or PC.”
Apple School Manager allows schools to get up and running quickly with built in set up assistant, create Apple IDs for administrators, educators, and students, buy and distribute apps and books, build and deliver courses on iTune U, and manage MDM enrollment for all devices. 

Photo: Apple

Managed Apple IDs
Another great feature is Managed Apple IDs. Apple’s website describes it as,
“Apple School Manager offers something completely new: Managed Apple IDs. Like any Apple ID, they allow you to store documents in iCloud, enroll in iTunes U courses, and more. But Managed Apple IDs are designed just for schools, so you can easily reset passwords, audit accounts, create IDs in bulk, and create customized roles for everyone in the district.”

The release of iOS 9.3 brings some major updates to how iPad can be used in education. I am excited to see the impact this will have on student learning!

iOS 9.3 also brings several updates to other Apple products. Check out the preview here.

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