Friday, September 11, 2015

Canva Update Brings Several New Layouts

One of my favorite tools continues to get better and better! Canva recently released an update that brings several new exciting layouts! Hopefully you or your students can use these layouts to create meaningful content in a fun way! I highly recommend checking out the attached posts from Canva's Design School blog to get your creative juices flowing! 

Image from Canva email

When applying for a job, it is important that not only the content but the design of your resume stands out. Canva's new resume layout provides several templates to create the perfect resume. Check out these blog posts from Canva to help design your resume:
Image from Canva Blog

Image from Canva blog

Image from Canva email
Canva's new layout allows users create personalized magazines. Canva's email describes their new magazine cover layout as a way to share information will any audience. "Our magazine layouts make it easy to create your own newsletter or promotional magazine. Great for sharing news and updates with your sports team, workplace or community group." What  fun and creative way for students to show their comprehension!

Image from Canva Blog

Image from Canva email

Canva's new eBook layout allow you or your students the ability to easily create beautifully designed eBooks! You can add several pages to your ebook using the different templates. After creating your eBook,  download and share it with the World!

Other New Fun Layouts

Desktop Wallpapers & Postcards
Desktop wallpapers and postcards are a couple of the several newly added layouts in Canva.  


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