Monday, August 17, 2015

#AugmentedReality: Engaging a Minecraft Generation

Brad and I are excited to share our augmented reality session proposal for SXSWedu 2016. Our session format will be a core conversation, which the SXSWedu Session Starter Kit describes as a speaker led open conversation with attendees around a particular topic. Sessions are selected in a unique way where staff, public vote and the SXSWedu advisory board are all factors. 
How session are selected for SXSWedu
With 30% of the selection process being public vote, we need your help! Please take a minute to vote for our session and leave a comment if you'd like. We would love to attend SXSWedu 2016 and share the power of learning with augmented reality! Session information can be found below. The link to the voting page is located at the top of this post. Thank you for all your amazing support! 

Augmented Reality: Engaging a Minecraft Generation

Session Description:
Why will kids sit for hours immersed in a Minecraft world, but have trouble staying engaged during class? As a group, we will discuss how new augmented reality (AR) tools give educators and students the power to: create meaningful learning experiences that combine the digital and physical worlds, build interactive experiences to show and share knowledge with a global audience, understand complex concepts, and retain information longer. Together will we address how we can take existing curriculums, and enhance them to appeal to the Minecraft Generation.

During our session we will discuss how to:

  1. Empower students, teachers, and administrators to use augmented reality to design and create powerful learning experiences for the Minecraft generation. 
  2. Provide basic knowledge and skills set to create and integrate meaningful augmented reality experiences in the classroom, school, and community. 
  3. Highlight the way educators and students are using augmented reality to comprehend learning complex concepts, and retain information easier.