Sunday, June 7, 2015

Leaders in #AugmentedReality take center stage this week at #AWE2015

The leaders in augmented reality take center stage this week in Santa Clara, CA at the 6th Augmented World Expo! The World's largest Augmented and Virtual Reality Conference will host over 3,000 attendees traveling from over 40 different countries. Each of the 3 conference days has a dedicated theme. 

Day 1: Learn "Super charge your brain!"
The first day is focused on workshops and tutorials from the latest technologies.
Day 2: Demo "Super power your people!"
The second day features 100+ micro talks from industry leaders.
Day 3: Inspire "Super Inspiring!"
The final day will include several epic talks from some of the greatest minds in AR, VR, wearables, and IoT.

This will be my first trip to AWE and I could not be more excited. I look forward to showcasing DAQRI 4D Studio Tuesday and Wednesday on the expo floor, and connecting with many of the industry thought leaders

Can't attend but still want to follow the conference? Follow AWE on Twitter @ARealityEvent or by searching #AWE2015. For complete conference information make sure you visit

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