Friday, May 22, 2015

Build Spelling Confidence While Capturing Outlaws with Mystery Word Town

Artgig Apps has done it again! Artgig Studio's mobile development arm is well known for the development of kids educational apps like Mystery Math Town, Mystery Math Museum, Shake-A-Phrase, and many more
How is Mystery Word Town different? Matthew Kicinski from Artgig Apps said, “On the surface, Word Town seems quite similar to the Mystery Math apps because the primary game mechanic is the same - find the letters (instead of numbers) to spell the words that will unlock the doors. However, it is a very different game under the hood because it is a spelling game.” 

Mystery Word Town uses 3 different levels of difficulty to accommodate a wide range of students. Level 1 "Easy" helps students master a foundation of sight words before increasing to Level 2 "Medium" and Level 3 "Hard" for in depth spelling practice. I love how the word list for each level is included. 

Another great feature is the ability to spell your own words, or listen to the word first, then spell it. This feature helps those students who need an audio cue. 
I highly recommend downloading Mystery Word Town along with all the other amazing educational apps from Artgig Apps! These apps create a fun filled yet meaningful learning experience! 

Skills targeted in Mystery Word Town:
  • Spelling practice integrated with a rich, immersive game experience
  • Unlimited user accounts - create your own avatar and save your game progress
  • 3 skill levels and 2 game modes provide a highly customizable and flexible learning experience for a range of ages
  • Optional audio hints speak the words from the selected word list
  • Visual hints provide scaffolding for difficult words
  • Quirky characters and backstory are revealed as you recover the missing gold and capture the outlaws
  • Promotes strategic and critical thinking