Saturday, March 14, 2015

Does Homework Help or Hinder a Students Love of Learning?

I have read a lot of articles, blog posts, and tweets recently regarding a VERY sensitive subject: Homework. This debate has really heated up lately when a New York school stopped giving homework, and told kids to play. 

Many questions are often asked when debating this subject:
Is homework beneficial to our kids? 
Is homework only about the content? 
Does it take away from important family time? 
Do parents want homework for their children?
What amount is the right amount? 
Is it meaningful?
Does it positively impact learning? 

I whole heartedly believe fostering a love for learning in kids is a educator's most important role! So my question is: 
Does homework foster a student's love for learning or hinder it? 

I strongly believe time homework not only hinders a students love of learning but also takes away from important time with family. I would compare most homework to those meetings that should have been an email. Most homework assignments should be done in class.
Image from Dr. Justin Tarte
Quality time with family is already limited for so many families, and that time should not be taken up doing homework. I strongly support P.S. 116's decision to eliminate homework. It seems like society expects kids to grow up quicker and earlier than ever before. I think we should allow kids play, explore, participate in after school activities, and enjoy family without the worry of homework. 

Here are just a few resources to form your opinion:
Should Homework be Mandatory? Here is one classes thoughts #comments4kids (Orginally shared on Twitter by William Chamberlian

Several great posts by my friend Pernille Ripp. In my opinion, Pernille is one of the best writers in education.

"School stops giving homework, tells kids to play, adults FREAK out" by Emma Lord

"Homework around the world: how much is too much?" by Olivia Goldhill

"Homework is making our kids miserable: Why the classroom staple is a complete waste of time" by Jordan Rosenfeld

"How Necessary is Homework? Join the Conversation"

What is your thought on homework? Please share your viewpoint in the comments below! 


  1. I think homework gives students a chance to stay face to face with the problems they can't overcome but on the other hand they can feel benefits while doing it though better understanding. This makes them be more persistent and go to the end. Nobody could Trust my Paper in college If it had been known to be done only in class. It must have some piece of selfless work.

  2. We recently discussed homework / homelearning in a slow chat at #asiaED

  3. Although I understand your point of view, I also believe homework, like many other things in education, is not a 'one size fits all'. It is undeniable at least some students require time outside of school hours to consolidate some of the concepts they encounter at school. If homework can provide them with this opportunity to do some guided work, then I do not see why we would deny it to them. On the other hand, if students and / or their carers do not see any benefit in completing the work assigned, it would be only fair they do not do it. In my opinion, however, it is sometimes only a matter of having a helping hand out of school time (either from the school itself or from other community members, including parents) for these students to make productive use of work assigned. My thoughts on this matter were developed recently in this post

  4. It is just a time filler or a box ticked for parents who believe that homework is needed to make their son/daughter great. Any work done at home should be student/parent driven and involve that family time you speak of. Not to mention an addition that bust teachers do not need.

  5. I would love to see more posts in future.