Sunday, November 23, 2014

My #Eddies14 Nominations

As always, it was difficult to pick only 1 nominee for each category  but here are my choices for this year's 11th Annual EduBlog Awards

Best Individual Blog

KleinspirationErin KleinErin is one of the brightest and most creative educators I know. Her innovative ideas have transformed classroom design. She also shares her wealth of knowledge as a Top Teacher blogger for Scholastic. Erin's excitement and passion for education is shown in the writing and presentations. It's an honor to call her a best friend. Thank you Erin for sharing your knowledge and creativity! 
The first day Brad and I met Erin in my classroom.

Best Teacher Blog

Blogging Through the Fourth Dimension by Pernille Ripp: Pernille's blog is not only a great educational resource, but inspiring. Her post often tug at your emotions and challenge your thinking. I've had the pleasure of meeting Pernille and can honestly say she's one of the nicest people I've met. Her posts truly has an impact on each person who reads them. Thank you  Pernille for all that you do and for inspiring us all!   

Best Administration Blog 

Ninja Reflections on Education by Todd Nesloney: This past year Todd made a huge transition accepting the position as Principal/Lead Learner at Navasota Intermediate. Although I know it was a very difficult decision for him, I believe it was the right one. This new position will allow him to not only have positive impact on his students and teachers, but a whole community. Todd's post often highlight his incredible staff, as well as the students in his school. I am very excited for Todd and enjoying learning about Navasota Intermediate's brightest through his blog. 
Best Edtech / Research Sharing Blog

Amplify Learning through Innovative Strategies by Sue Gorman: Sue's website has an abundance of educational technology resources, tools, ideas, and more. Sue is a Google Certified Teacher, an Apple Distinguished Educator, and a wealth of knowledge. She routinely shares meaningful resources and the latest educational tools through her social networks. Make sure to check out her website the best in edtech, and latest research. 

Best Use of Media (Video, Podcast, etc)

Brad Gustafson: Brad's excitement is contagious and his passion is inspiring. Brad is a principal at Greenwood Elementary in Wayzata, Minnesota. Brad's #30SecondTake introduces thought-provoking questions on education to a pair of educators who have 30 seconds to provide their answer. Each answer is video taped for viewers to vote for the best answer. These fun and informational battles have inspired many. Brad also is one of the founders of the World Book Talk. The World Book Talk uses augmented reality to place video book talks by authors, teachers, and students to the cover of books. Brad's vision and drive is having a great impact on everyone he encounters.  

Brad's TED Talk - Arms Wide Open

Best Mobile App

Elements 4D by DAQRI: Every now and then an app comes out that can truly transform the educators can teach, and enhance the way students learn complexed concepts. Elements 4D is one of those rare apps. Our friend Katie Ann says "The cubes helped bring the elements to life and opened up a whole new level of learning for my students." It doesn't get much more powerful than that! Recently DAQRI worked with a group of educators to create meaningful lesson plans for elementary, middle, and high school educators to use with their students. I highly recommend you download the app, print out the cubes, and experience chemistry like never before! 

Download for iOS
Get it on Google Play
Printable Element cubes

Best Free Web Tool

DAQRI 4D Studio for Education: Augmented reality allows us to experience education like never before and was previously difficult to create. A simple drag and drop interface allows educators and students to create augmented reality experiences with ease. You can publish your creation to the DAQRI app for others to experience with no extra confusing steps or actions required. The chapter system inside of 4D Studio for Education makes it easy to create interactive experiences with multiple layers of information. The best's free for K-12 educators and students! Apply here and start creating a new dimension to learning! 

4D Studio Tutorial Video to help get you started!

Thank you everyone who shares their innovation, knowledge, creativity, and passion for educating our future! 


  1. Elements 4D was transformative, but then it stopped working. When trying to open it on several devices, both iOS 7&8, it crashes before we can begin. DAQRI has not responded… do you have any insights or suggestions.

  2. Same here...crashes before it even opens.