Friday, October 24, 2014

Amazing Teacher Created Lesson Plans for Elements 4D

Cover of the elementary lesson plans for Elements 4D 

Since its launch on Kickstarter in 2013, Elements 4D has generated a new level of excitement in chemistry classrooms across the country. Bringing the elements of the Periodic Table to life, Elements 4D creates an engaging, one of a kind learning experience. Students can safely observe harmful elements, like Plutonium, Uranium and Xenon, and witness in stunning 4D how they chemically react with other elements, providing students with a visual knowledge-transfer that was once impossible. Elements 4D is like a portable lab.
While many teachers have created their own lesson plans around this 4D teaching tool, there hasn’t been an official curriculum released… until now.

Students at The Stephen Perse Foundation learning with Elements 4D
Read the rest of the post and download the lesson plans on DAQRI's blog HERE!

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  1. The "lesson plans here" link isn't working when I get to the blog from this site. It worked when I actually went through the Daqri website to get to the Daqri blog, though. Just an FYI :)