Thursday, October 30, 2014

Embracing Change, Are You?

Reflecting back to this summer, Drew and I arrived in Atlanta, Georgia for ISTE 2014.  ISTE is the International Society for Technology in Education and it is the world’s largest Educational Technology Conference.  This is where we get a chance to Evangelize for Augmented Reality in Education on the world’s largest stage.  It’s the Super Bowl of Educational Technology Conferences and we were ready for Round 2!

When we touched down at the airport we had only two things on our minds.  One, our panel discussion Sunday morning, with Angela Maiers, Steve Mesler and Todd Nesloney and two - heading to the Blogger’s CafĂ© to blow minds with the latest and greatest educational augmented reality content, challenge thinking and challenge the current model of education.  

You see, Drew and I love showcasing the latest in Augmented Reality and putting the education world on its’ ear! 

We like to go out, share the amazing technology and challenge educators to embrace change to maximize their impact on students. We ask them to use the power of Augmented Reality and the latest 21C technology to engage kids and truly integrate it into the culture of learning. 

I always ask,  “Why are we still educating kids like we did in the 50’s?”  The 50’s were great and sometimes I wish they were still here, but the world has changed since then. 

The days of being a “know-it-all” and the Supreme Holder of Information are gone and a new day has dawned! A world where collaboration is expected, failure happens and the age of creativity is back!  We, as educators, can change our approach to educating kids and work with them in today’s world. 

Take a moment and think about where you stand on the Teaching Continuum and challenge yourself to move along the continuum and be an even more amazing teacher than you already are.

You can do it, #IBelieve #YouCan #MakeADifference #Today

That is our mission.  To change the way we Learn, the way we Teach and the way we Lead.  This is our journey.  Please join us

Have an amazing day,

Brad Waid

Friday, October 24, 2014

Amazing Teacher Created Lesson Plans for Elements 4D

Cover of the elementary lesson plans for Elements 4D 

Since its launch on Kickstarter in 2013, Elements 4D has generated a new level of excitement in chemistry classrooms across the country. Bringing the elements of the Periodic Table to life, Elements 4D creates an engaging, one of a kind learning experience. Students can safely observe harmful elements, like Plutonium, Uranium and Xenon, and witness in stunning 4D how they chemically react with other elements, providing students with a visual knowledge-transfer that was once impossible. Elements 4D is like a portable lab.
While many teachers have created their own lesson plans around this 4D teaching tool, there hasn’t been an official curriculum released… until now.

Students at The Stephen Perse Foundation learning with Elements 4D
Read the rest of the post and download the lesson plans on DAQRI's blog HERE!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Join us tomorrow for the FREE FETC Virtual Conference!

Tomorrow is a great opportunity to learn from and connect with educators from around the world! FETC Virtual is a free international online conference that goes live at 10:15 am ET with the opening keynote by the amazing Sylvia Martinez. We are honored to be presenting along side friends like Shannon Miller, Kevin Smith, and more! 

Brad and I are will share how augmented reality transforms teaching and learning at 12:05pm ET. Check out the schedule for other presentations throughout the day. We look forward to connecting with many of you tomorrow!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

#2GuysShow #39: LIVE with Shannon Soger and Ramona Towner! #LearnIn4D

This episode of The Two Guys Show will be LIVE from South Berwyn District 100 in Berwyn, IL outside of Chicago. We will have two amazing guest join us from South Berwyn District 100, Shannon Soger (left) and Ramona Towner(right)! 

Shannon is an instructional director, presenter, Apple Foundations Trainer South Berwyn D100, 1:1 K-8 iPads & MacBooks. Ramona is an instructional coach K-8 at South Berwyn D100 which is a 1:1 district w/Mac & iPads. Join the conversation on Twitter using #2GuysShow and #LearnIn4D