Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Happy to announce DAQRI Education Office Hours and Tweet Up #LearnIn4D

We are very excited to announce a couple of exciting events for educators to share, collaborate, and learn from each other, DAQRI Education Office Hours and DAQRI Education Tweet Ups! DAQRI Education Office Hours will be a LIVE Google Hangout (GHO) that take place 2-3 times a month. Our first live Office Hours will be Tuesday, September 30th at 1pm EST. Our 2nd Office Hours event will take place Thursday, October 23rd at 3pm EST. During this exciting event we will answer questions you have about DAQRI Education, our Flagship School Program, 4D Studio for Education, or the various educational apps DAQRI has to offer. These events will be hosted by Brad and I. We will also be looking for educators, students, or administrators to join us live and share how they are using Elements 4D, Anatomy 4D, Enchantium, or 4D Studio to transform and enhance learning experiences. We will use the #LearnIn4D during the live Office Hours as a back channel to share exciting experiences. If you'd like to submit a question for us to answer during the live event you can submit it here: 

DAQRI Education Office Hours RSVP
September 30th 1pm EST
October 23rd 3pm EST

We are also excited to announce the 1st DAQRI Education Tweet Up! It will take place on Thursday, October 23rd starting at 6pm in Brighton, Michigan. We are still finalizing the location but will let everyone know as soon as we can. This great event will be open to everyone who wants to learning about 4D in education, share their experiences, meet and collaborate with like minded educators, have fun and maybe even win some prizes! We will also be using the #LearnIn4D during the Tweet Up for back channel conversation. In the future we will host Tweet Ups around the country at different conferences or locations we are at. Click the link below to rsvp:

DAQRI Education Tweet Up RSVP
October 23rd 6pm EST in Brighton, Michigan
Location: TBD

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