Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Augmented Reality Made Easy with 4D Studio Tutorials

Creating augmented reality has never been so easy until now! DAQRI 4D Studio gives educators and students the ability to easily create experiences and instantly publish them to share with the world. As our friend Katie Ann said during her augmented reality presentation at Podstock this year, "If you can copy and paste, and drag and drop, then you can create augmented reality." Each experience created and published by in 4D Studio for Education can be viewed using the target image and free DAQRI application.  
scan to download the DAQRI iOS app
Each Monday we host a live webinar demonstrating how to create interactive experiences in 4D Studio. If you are unable to attend a webinar or have additional questions, we hope the short self serve tutorial videos below will help get you started creating in 4D Studio and bring a whole new dimension to ideas! 

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Download the DAQRI application 

DAQRI 4D Studio Tutorial- How to apply for a FREE 4D Studio for Education account

DAQRI 4D Studio Tutorial- 4D Studio Overview and Features

DAQRI 4D Studio Tutorial- How to upload a target

DAQRI 4D Studio Tutorial- Overview of 4D Studio Designer

DAQRI 4D Studio Tutorial- How to use Launch Buttons

DAQRI 4D Studio Tutorial- How to add a YouTube and Vimeo Experience

DAQRI 4D Studio Tutorial- How add a 3D model experience using 4D Preview

For more information visit www.daqri.com. Apply for a FREE 4D Studio for Education account at http://bit.ly/4DStudioEDU. Also follow @DAQRIedu @TechMinock @techbradwaid and @DAQRI

Monday, August 25, 2014

Transform your tabletop into a FairyTale World with Enchantium

A recent update has added a whole new experience to the fun filled Enchantium application! Fairytale joins fisticuffs and musical strings in Enchantium's toy chest. Fairytale is different for other experiences in the toy chest because it uses a local point cloud and surface mapping technology. Enchantium's fairytale detects the surface and objects around the target to create the experience. Follow the steps below to transform your tabletop into a fairytale world!

1. Pick a flat surface and place 2-4 solid objects around the 4D Fairy Tale target.(Pictured below)
2. Open Enchantium app, press "Enter 4D" in the main menu, scan the 4D Fairy Tale target, then press "Tap to Start"
3. Scan the 4D Fairy Tale target again to activate the spellbinding experience. (Looks like fairy dust) You are able to begin the story once two objects have been detected but increasing to four objects makes the experience even more engaging! (Blue swirl will appear on objects that have been detected.)
4. Once you hit “begin” the objects turn into different elements of the Fairy Tale. 
5. You can create the environment using the four terrain options in the bottom left corner. 
6. Tap the trees to discover the magical pouch. Touch the magical pouch to bring the Fairy Tale to life. Tap the stones to help discover the key and complete the stage. 
Fairytale target image

Once you have completed the fairytale experience, move your objects to a different location around the target and start again. This will create a whole new magical experience.  

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Bring Learning to Life with Augmented Reality at SXSWedu 2015

Brad and I have submitted a proposal to share the power of augmented reality in education at SXSWedu 2015 and we need your help! Sessions are selected based on public voting (30%), the advisory board (40%) and staff (30%) so we need as many votes as possible. 
image from www.sxswedu.com 

Bring learning to life in your classroom using augmented reality (AR)! This session will teach participants how to create their own, personalized AR experiences and apps using DAQRI’s own creative tool, 4D Studio, an easy-to-use open platform that allows anyone to create in 4D. We will discuss meaningful ways to integrate AR in classrooms, schools and communities, enhancing learning and understanding. This hands-on workshop will leave you empowered to bring a whole new dimension to ideas.

  • Empower teachers, administrators and students to use augmented reality to design, enhance, and create powerful learning experiences. 
  • Provide the basic knowledge and skillset to create and integrate meaningful augmented reality experiences in the classroom, school, and community. 
  • Highlight the way educators and students are using augmented reality to comprehend learning complex concepts, and emphasize how AR helps people better retain information.

Thank you for all your support! 

-Drew and Brad