Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Spent my Lunch Break Coloring Thanks to BIG Update to ColAR Mix App

Every morning when I get up I check the app store on my phone to see if there are any apps that need to be updated. Ask many who know me, (definitely ask Brad) and they will tell you that it drives me crazy when my devices are updated. I have been on the look out for an update to ColAR Mix for quite awhile and today was the day! The only problem was that I had to get a lot of work done so I had to wait until lunch upgrade the app, download and print, the new coloring packs. Lunch today was  

Update 2.5 bring 2 new coloring packs: Murphy and Friends (free) and Amazing Animals of New Zealand ($2.99). Murphy and Friends is 3 coloring pages but currently only has Murphy the Sheep. His Penguin and Bunny friend are coming soon. 
Murphy the Sheep

Amazing Animals of New Zealand has 6 awesome coloring pages with information about each animal. 5 are currently available with 1 other animal coming soon.


Today's update also brought new animations to the Dover pack coloring pages. Download the new update and you might find yourself coloring on your lunch break. 

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