Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Awesome Day 1 at LSC eLearning Conference

Day 1 today here in Lafayette, Indiana was great start to a very busy summer filled with learning, connecting, and sharing! It started off with an emotional, funny, and inspiring keynote from George Couros. 
Photo from Amanda Henry @arhenry2
I always enjoy seeing George speak because he hit every emotion in 1 hour and you leave motivated to help kids! 

Our first session was Game Changing Apps. This session was a little different from out previous Game Changing Apps sessions because we were not sharing augmented reality.  

The day ended with our first ever live on site recording of Two Guys Show with the fun and inspiring Nick Provenzano. We all had a lot of fun interacting with a live audience and discussing so many of the amazing things Nick has done with 20 time and TEDxGPSHS Event.

The Two Guys Show LIVE with Nick Provenzano. Photo from Lindsey Sickler @lindseysickler
Watch The Two Guys Show SPECIAL Event below

Tomorrow our Augmented Reality session starts at 10am and will have some new mind blowing experience and giveaways! 
Teaser: FairyTale and Smart Terrain 


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