Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Detroit to Frankfurt Germany in 60 Seconds!

At 5:30 am on a Sunday Morning, I woke up to join my good friend, Evan Scherr in Frankfurt, Germany to do a presentation on Augmented Reality at his Google Summit conference.  I set my alarm for 5:00am, I woke up, got ready,  opened my laptop, connected to the WiFi, opened up Google Hangout and "Boom" I was in Germany ready to present.
Evan Scherr
Assistant Director of Technology
Frankfurt International School

Drew and I presented to a group of educators who are new to Augmented Reality but ready to explore the possibilities and educate students differently.  There was some great discussion, some great questions along with some killer Augmented Reality Demos!  After the session was over, Drew and I said goodbye to our fellow educators in Germany and went back to bed as they took a break for lunch.  Well, that's how it goes when you're hanging out with friends in different times zones around the world.

Presenting with Drew and Evan Scherr
in Frankfort, Germany

Thanks to the advancements in technology that allow us to "Hang Out" with friends and fellow educators around the world with just a click of a button.  So the next time you think it's too far away...think again.

Reach out to someone through Twitter or another social media and invite them to a Google Hangout.

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  1. Thanks for the workshop. I was there and it was great. Just showed some colleagues Colar Mix and am going to test it out with my 3 year old tonight!. Super cool.

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