Monday, April 14, 2014

Unplugged, Reflected, and Recharged!

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Everyone hits lulls in life and needs time to unplug and recharge the batteries. Fortunately this is exactly what I decided to do this past week during our Spring Break. I spent much of the time reflecting on life inside and out of the connected educator realm
It feels like it has been pure insanity this past year for Brad and I. Calling this past year life changing would be an understatement, but sometimes I find myself getting lost in my passion for teaching, learning, sharing, and connecting. Sometimes we all get so caught up in these passions that we forget to truly cherish the family, friends, and relationships we have outside the walls of education. 
I am very blessed to have an amazing support system around me and knowing this has helped me recharge my batteries! 

My Support System
My Dad and I in northern Michigan golfing.
My brother Dustin, sister in law Jessica, me, my girlfriend Megan, and sister Paige.
Megan and I in Chicago
My Mom and I at my cousin's wedding in northern Michigan.
Great friends Erin and Todd at MACUL last month. 
Brad and I before heading to ISTE last summer
I think it is extremely important in find a balance in life. I will admit that I have a hard time doing this at times but reflecting this past week has helped me realize how vital it is. My battery is now fully charged and excited for things ahead! 
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This past year has been amazing, but it is just the beginning! 

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