Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Two Guys Show #26: Leslie Fisher


Welcome to the 26th episode of the The Two Guys Show! Tonight we welcome the amazing Leslie Fisher! Leslie is Chief Geek of Fisher Technologies Incorporated which specializes in K-12 presenting and training, Digital Photography education, capture, workflow, editing and a touch of web development. Leslie is always on the cutting edge of educational technology and is an inspiring presenter! We are very excited to have Leslie join us for this episode to discuss this week's MACUL Conference and her Augmented Reality workshop tomorrow! 

Leslie Fisher www.lesliefisher.com

Follow Leslie on Twitter @LeslieFisher or @lesliegolf


  1. Thanks for the heads up with searching on flipboard. I saw it but never used it. Go figure! Also, did a teachmeet at our school and I presented Aurasma and ColAR to small groups and I got the lightbulb moment from teachers when they saw it. I used Aurasma for the students to create a virtual tour for our school which is what I showed the teachers. Loved and shared 24 hours of happy, loved Pumpin' Blood. Thanks guys.

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