Monday, March 10, 2014

Deepen Comprehension with Fun Brain Breaks from GoNoodle!

GoNoodle is a FREE web tool that provides engaging physical activities to help students stay focused, engaged, and motivated! I introduced a few of GoNoodle's activities to my students last week and they have been begging for more ever since!  Once signing up for your FREE account, you are able to choose an entertaining and comical classroom Champ! You and your students can help your Champ grow by completing brain breaks.   
Our classroom Champ

To The Maximo
According to, stretching can help you improve your focus and mental clarity. To The Maximo does exactly this! This activity uses Maximo, an enthusiastic character, to lead the students in variety of stretches. Once Maximo has finished leading your students through several stretches, they are able to work together to solve the hidden picture. 
My students stretching with Maximo. 
Run With Us
Run With Us uses real Olympians to teach the students specific skills of various track and field events. Once the students have mastered the skills, they can complete in different competitions. This physical activity get the students moving and gets them energized! 

Airtime is a physical activity that calms the students using  different breathing exercises. As the students navigate through the exercises, a balloon travels around the United States teaching the students interesting facts about different states. An all new beautiful bubble animation to keep Airtime fresh!

GoNoodle is an amazing resource for educators worldwide! Research shows that short bursts of physical activities called "brain breaks", increases a persons ability to comprehend. According to The Zeigarnik effect, students who suspend their study, during which they do unrelated activities (such as studying unrelated subjects or playing games), will remember material better than students who complete study sessions without a break (Zeigarnik, 1927; McKinney 1935).(….html)

Take a break and click HERE to sign up for a FREE GoNoodle account to inspire your students to be healthy while strengthening the ability to comprehend! 

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