Saturday, February 22, 2014

Fun Filled Learning with Flocabulary

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At first, you might think Flocabulary is an awesome website that provides a plethora of catchy music videos to engage and help teach various curricular areas. You would be right, but it does so much more! Flocab has created fun filled content from for Kindergarten all the way up to 12th grade which are separated into 6 main categories: 

  • The Week in Rap
  • Vocabulary
  • Language Arts
  • Social Studies
  • Science
  • Math

The fun does not stop there! Each of the 6 main content categories are broken up into specific groups based on grade level or themes. Each video on comes with one or many of the following: link to printable lyrics, CCSS alignment, Unit description, Activities, Exercises, Assessments, and more! They have also created a section on their site dedicated to big and small events for each month of the year. 
The Flocab Team has made it easy to keep track of your favorite music videos. Each video has an “Add Favorite” star in the top right corner. Just click that star to add the video to your personalized favorites sections.

The first time I decided to pull up Flocabulary in my classroom was during lunch time. I have heard many stories of video mishaps, so I always check out any website, video, or app before introducing it to my students. The music videos had me completely engaged laughing, and singing along. Luckily no one walked by my classroom, otherwise I'm sure I would have receive many odd looks. I introduced a couple of videos that afternoon during our math lesson and my students were begging for more! We have used Flocab many times since that afternoon, providing my students with a fun filled, yet meaningful learning experience! 
My students are not the only ones enjoying and learning from these videos. Student Taylor Carroll said, 

“Flocab is such a great way to really show everyone who watches it what is happening in the world and I love how informed anyone can be by only watching one video. I'd like to thank the WHOLE Flocab team for successfully being as awesome as possible!!!”

Flocabulary is a website that gives students a meaningful learning experience, so go check it out today and start with a free 14 day trial! 

Check out Flocabulary on Twitter @Flocabulary

Here is an example of the music videos available on 

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