Saturday, February 15, 2014

A New Dimension of Play is Released with DAQRI's Enchantium

DAQRI's Enchantium Released for iOS
Enchantium home screen
I was conducting my usual weekend augmented reality search through the iTunes App Store when I came across a nice surprise, DAQRI's 4D platform Enchantium. DAQRI calls Enchantium a new dimension of play. The app features a "toy chest" with the fun Fisticuffs game and the ability to create music like never before with Musical Strings! 
Fisticuffs is rock 'em sock 'em robot style augmented reality game featuring The Engineer, The Scientist, The Toy Maker, and The Marketeer as the 4 characters. Enjoy staging 2 characters in a battle against each other. 

The second 4D game in Enchantium is Musical Strings. Musical Strings allows the user to create music in 4D with 3 different cards. You can change the sound and color of the laser beam string by tapping the circle. 
Musical String cups I received last summer when I got to meet DAQRI Co-Founders Brian Mullins and Gaia Dempsey
Musical Strings also allows the user to increase and decrease the pitch by changing the distance between the cards. You can create music by simply strumming he strings!
DAQRI continues to blow our minds with amazing augmented reality platforms. We can not wait to see what they create in the future! 

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  1. Just found AR last week. I have already started using it in m classroom. I have basically read all you your posts today. Can't wait to see all the apps that are on there way!