Monday, February 24, 2014

The Two Guys Show #24: Vicki Davis

Join us tonight at 9pm EST on this Special Monday edition with Vicki Davis on The Two Guys Show!

Welcome to the 24th episode of The Two Guys Show on the EdReach Network! We are very excited to welcome special guest Vicki Davis on this Monday edition! Vicki is an educator and the author of the award winning teacher blog Cool Cat Teacher. Vicki was recently named one of the 10 Rockstar Teachers on Twitter by Mashable. She was the coauthor of Flattening Classrooms, Engaging Minds and is currently working her new book 
Reinventing Writing: The 9 Tools That Are Changing Writing, Learning, and LivingShe is a wealth of knowledge and we are lucky to have her as our guest. 

Vicki Davis

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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Fun Filled Learning with Flocabulary

image from

At first, you might think Flocabulary is an awesome website that provides a plethora of catchy music videos to engage and help teach various curricular areas. You would be right, but it does so much more! Flocab has created fun filled content from for Kindergarten all the way up to 12th grade which are separated into 6 main categories: 

  • The Week in Rap
  • Vocabulary
  • Language Arts
  • Social Studies
  • Science
  • Math

The fun does not stop there! Each of the 6 main content categories are broken up into specific groups based on grade level or themes. Each video on comes with one or many of the following: link to printable lyrics, CCSS alignment, Unit description, Activities, Exercises, Assessments, and more! They have also created a section on their site dedicated to big and small events for each month of the year. 
The Flocab Team has made it easy to keep track of your favorite music videos. Each video has an “Add Favorite” star in the top right corner. Just click that star to add the video to your personalized favorites sections.

The first time I decided to pull up Flocabulary in my classroom was during lunch time. I have heard many stories of video mishaps, so I always check out any website, video, or app before introducing it to my students. The music videos had me completely engaged laughing, and singing along. Luckily no one walked by my classroom, otherwise I'm sure I would have receive many odd looks. I introduced a couple of videos that afternoon during our math lesson and my students were begging for more! We have used Flocab many times since that afternoon, providing my students with a fun filled, yet meaningful learning experience! 
My students are not the only ones enjoying and learning from these videos. Student Taylor Carroll said, 

“Flocab is such a great way to really show everyone who watches it what is happening in the world and I love how informed anyone can be by only watching one video. I'd like to thank the WHOLE Flocab team for successfully being as awesome as possible!!!”

Flocabulary is a website that gives students a meaningful learning experience, so go check it out today and start with a free 14 day trial! 

Check out Flocabulary on Twitter @Flocabulary

Here is an example of the music videos available on 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Two Guys Show #23: Emmy Award-Winning Marty Keltz

Join us LIVE tonight at 9pm EST!

Welcome to the 23rd episode of The Two Guys Show! We welcome a very special guest tonight, Emmy award-winning producer Marty Keltz! Mr. Keltz was the co-founder and president of Scholastic Productions Inc which won 75 national and international awards during his tenure.
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Marty is now working as a founding partner of CritterKin, a book series to teach children about social and emotional learning. Learn more about CritterKin and Marty's amazing journey tonight at 9pm EST!

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Saturday, February 15, 2014

A New Dimension of Play is Released with DAQRI's Enchantium

DAQRI's Enchantium Released for iOS
Enchantium home screen
I was conducting my usual weekend augmented reality search through the iTunes App Store when I came across a nice surprise, DAQRI's 4D platform Enchantium. DAQRI calls Enchantium a new dimension of play. The app features a "toy chest" with the fun Fisticuffs game and the ability to create music like never before with Musical Strings! 
Fisticuffs is rock 'em sock 'em robot style augmented reality game featuring The Engineer, The Scientist, The Toy Maker, and The Marketeer as the 4 characters. Enjoy staging 2 characters in a battle against each other. 

The second 4D game in Enchantium is Musical Strings. Musical Strings allows the user to create music in 4D with 3 different cards. You can change the sound and color of the laser beam string by tapping the circle. 
Musical String cups I received last summer when I got to meet DAQRI Co-Founders Brian Mullins and Gaia Dempsey
Musical Strings also allows the user to increase and decrease the pitch by changing the distance between the cards. You can create music by simply strumming he strings!
DAQRI continues to blow our minds with amazing augmented reality platforms. We can not wait to see what they create in the future! 

Check out other DAQRI applications Elements 4D, Anatomy 4D

Zientia: Changing the Way We Learn with Augmented Reality 
Zientia is out to change the way we learn using interactive augmented reality applications. I have had the pleasure of beta testing their apps and recently got to speak with a couple of their representatives. 
It was three young entrepreneurs that decided that in the future they would try using augmented reality to change education, because it has multiple benefits for both students and teachers. Augmented reality improves spatial perception, makes learning more interactive, engaging, personalized. Students can make exercises and they can be automatically corrected. It allows teachers to explain abstract concepts much easier. 
Zientia has 3 exciting educational augmented reality applications coming out very soon! 

Chemistry 101 comes with various modes that allow you to pull elements right from the periodic table and interact with them. It also comes with engaging exercises to study and assess learning. 

Our friend Matt Wallaert giving Chemistry 101 a try at FETC

You can download the augmented reality trigger cards here.

Thanks to augmented reality Geometry 101 will let you can examine, from different points of view, various features of these geometric structures. 
Geometry 101

Anatomy 101 will start with 2 great modes. Learn mode will allow the student to learn about each bone while search mode will ask you to find different bones and you will receive points based on the speed and the hits you get.

Anatomy 101
We are excited to see more educational concepts transfer into the world of augmented reality. As many know Brad and I feel augmented reality creates a meaningful learning experiences and deeper comprehension. Zientia's augmented reality applications will benefit many students around the world! 

Friday, February 14, 2014

You Are Not Just a Teacher

A gift from one of my students last year. 
Far too often we hear the phrase, "I'm just a teacher." I am here to tell you that I am Not Just a Teacher, and neither are you! Yes, “Teacher” may be our job title, but we are so much more than that. I am a teacher, a mentor, a friend, a voice, and even some days as an elementary teacher, I'm a doctor. 

We work in the greatest profession in the world! There are difficult days, and lulls that can last far too long, but it is during those difficult times when we realize why we became an educator. It is the opportunity to make a positive impact on each student that you encounter. It’s creating an Ah-Ha moment, it’s bringing a smile to someone’s face, it’s helping those who struggled, and pushing those who understand to greater heights. It’s showing a student they have the ability to do anything they set their mind to. 

Sometimes we are overwhelmed by the expectations that come with our job and the weight of those expectations wear us down.  Each of us has something that we lean on that helps us cope with these daily expectations. I will be the first to tell you that I love technology.  Technology is something I use in my classroom to deepen the learning and engage my students.  We use to for student projects, we use it to learn how to code, we use it for Langauge Arts and the list goes on and on.  It is also something that I use personally everyday.  I use it to research articles, learn about the newest gadgets, I use it to beta-test new apps and programs and to research the latest emerging technologies.  But, I will tell you, it’s not the about the technology and how I use it in the classroom.  It’s about the relationships that we build with students on a daily basis and the impacts these relationships will have for years to come.  It’s these relationships that we build with our students that tell them “YOU Matter!” 
You Matter Manifesto from
I have been very fortunate over my lifetime to have a support system that is second to none, and it is because of that support system and those relationships that I am the person I am today. 

So, go out, stay the course, even when it’s tough and you don’t think you can go on, continue to be amazing and continue building those relationships with students and others.  It’s those relationships that will impact the future….both theirs and yours.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Two Guys Show #22: Tony Vincent

Tonight's special guest Tony Vincent.
We are very excited to have Tony Vincent as our special guest on the 22nd episode of The Two Guys Show! Tony is a former elementary teacher, and district technology specialist who is now helping educators and students worldwide as a consultant. Tony is a huge advocate for mobile learning and as well as project based learning. You can learn more about Tony on his website

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