Saturday, January 11, 2014

PBS Kids makes Geometry and Problem Solving FUN with Augmented Reality

This past week while I have been stuck inside thanks to massive amounts of snow and subzero temperatures, I've been searching to discover as many new augmented reality apps as I could. I have downloaded well over 20 in search for ones I could use with my students and entertain myself during snow days. I found many great augmented reality applications but the latest augmented reality application from PBS Kids stood out! 

Its called Cyberchase Shape Quest and is currently only available for the iPad. It challenges students to use geometry and spatial recognition reasoning to solve various challenges. The more efficient you are, the more points and stars you earn. 

PBS has done a wonderful job of making the user understand how augmented reality works when the app first launches. I had the student focus on the Patch the Path section of the app. Similar to Cargo-Bot, the levels start our easy but increase in difficulty. As the levels increase in difficulty, it challenges the students to use persistence and patiences to earn the most credentials. 

Download the iPad application HERE

Definitely download Cyberchase Shape Quest and have fun learning geometry while challenging your problem solving skills!


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  2. Hi! My name is Michelle and I teach second grade! We are currently working on our geometry unit. We are a one to one iPad classroom and I think this would be great to use with students! Thanks for posting! I will be posting how the kids like it on my blog space!

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