Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Two Guys Show #17: Edtech in 2014 and Project Dirty

Welcome to episode #17 of The Two Guys Show! Tonight's show is going to be a little different from others as we welcome special musical guest Project Dirty as well as celebrate our very own Brad Waid's birthday! We will also be discussing what we think you should look forward to in edtech for 2014! Celebrate our last show of the 2013 at 9pm EST!!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Today I Met A New Friend. Thanks Google Glass!

In a world where we live with daily stresses and problems, it's easy to forget about the human factor and get bogged down. Well, today I was reminded about the human element and the power of reaching out to your fellow human being.

As many of you know, a few weeks ago, we asked you to help us help Chris get Google Glass that could change his life.  Chris is bound to a wheel chair and with the freedom and technology of Glass, Chris would be able to communicate more easily with the world and bring life to him.

One of Chris's passions was doing photography but through his disability he is now only able to enjoy someone else's work.  Well,  through the amazing hearts and generosity of everyone, we were able to get his Glass funded and now he can enjoy taking pictures and doing photography again.  Chris now, can not only take pictures for himself but for others to enjoy as well! And today, I had the absolute pleasure and honor of meeting him.  Thank you Glass for bringing a new friend into my life and giving him the ability to engage with the world in a way he thought was not possible again.

In honor of Chris and others who find themselves disabled, alone, discouraged or down this holiday season, reach out and share a smile and a "hello".  You never know the friend you may be meeting for the first time.  Technology may bring us together but our smile and kindness brings us closer.

Stay tuned for more stories from our encounters with Chris and others as we explore the power of technology and Glass as they bring the world closer together and make a difference.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

#Glass to Coming to 4th Grade because of Your Support! Thank You!

Goofy pictures are a tradition with my classes! 

I can not thank everyone enough for supporting our efforts in bringing Google Glass into our classroom. This afternoon our very own Eastover Parent/Teacher Organization pitched in to send us SOARing past our goal! 
Our Eastover PBIS S.O.A.R. program. 

I can honestly say I am still in awe from all the support everyone gave us. It truly shows the power how amazing educators are to go out of their way to help support innovative student learning! I can not wait to pick up Glass in a few hours and get it on my students heads tomorrow. 
I will continue to share how we are using Glass on a daily basis to create memories and capture deeper learning! Once again thank you so much to all of those who donated or helped spread the word. Each tweet, Facebook post, share on Google+, and Pin helped makes this possible! 

Thank you,


Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Two Guys Show #16: Evan Scherr

Show Will Start Live at 9PM EST!!

We are excited to have Google Certified Teacher Evan Scherr joining for episode #16 all the way from Sasebo, Japan! Evan is Educational Technologist at EJ King School in Sasebo, Japan. He is currently working on 2nd Master's in Technology Leadership at Columbia University. He is in his ninth year of teaching and sixth working as a Technology Integration Specialist. Evan just returned from Google Teacher Academy in London and we cannot wait to hear about it. 

Google Certified Teacher Evan Scherr

Check out Evan's blog at Scherrology.com

Follow Evan on Twitter @EvanScherr and on Google+ +Evan Scherr 

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Sunday, December 8, 2013

PLEASE HELP Bring #Glass to our Class

Last Friday I was presented with an invitation to join the Google Glass Explorer Program. This invitation presents an exciting and unique opportunity to share learning in our 4th grade classroom from a 1st person point of view! I have until this Friday, December 13th to purchase Glass otherwise the offer will expire and this incredible learning opportunity will be lost. 
Being a 2nd year teacher in my district, and Christmas around the corner, Glass’s $1,500 price tag is out of my reach.Any and all donations will go toward purchasing Glass. 
In return for you support, you will receive hand written thank you letters from my students as well as myself. I will also share your names and social media information through our various social media accounts as well as on our iTunes News and Noteworthy Two Guys Show podcast.

Please help sponsor my 4th grade students and I in creating meaningful learning memories with Glass! I would use them to capture each learning moment throughout the day. Glass would allow my students the opportunity to share their story, and learning experiences with the world.

Bringing Glass into our classroom will do more than just put them on my head, but it gives the students an opportunity to explore technology that would otherwise be out of their reach.
Students will wear Glass when solving problems, giving me an insight into their thought process. Students in our class often record their reflections after learning activities, but the ability to use a hands free device like Glass, gives my students the ability to reflect, and deepen understanding as they are learn. It will not require the task to be finished, or require the students to stop what they are doing. Glass provides an exciting opportunity to creative and make their thinking and learning visible. 

Other Ways You Can Help
Some people just can’t contribute, but that doesn’t mean they can’t help:
Please get the word out and make some noise about our campaign.
Please use the Indiegogo or blog share tools!

Other resources discussing Google Glass and is potential use in education:
Google Glass: Making Learning Visible with Wearable Technology by Stacey Goodman

A First Look at How Educators Are Really Using Google Glass -- THE Journal http://po.st/KCuqqb by Stephen Noonoo 

Friday, December 6, 2013

Voting for 2013 EduBlog Awards is Now Open


The 2013 EduBlog Awards voting is now open and we are speechless to learn we have been selected as Shortlist Finalist in 5 different categories!! The categories we are finalist in are: 

Best New Blog

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Best Group Blog

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Best Podcast or Google Hangout

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Best Resource Sharing Blog

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Best Use of Videos and Media Blog

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We are very honored to even be mentioned aside so many game changing and inspirational educators. The one with the most votes will be elected as the winner. We thank everyone who nominated us for this great honor. We are also very excited to see so many of our great friends like Erin Klein for Best Teacher Blog, Todd Nesloney, Shannon Miller, Angela Maiers, Kevin Honeycutt, and many more honored as finalist in various categories! 

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Two Guys Show #15: Kyle Pace

We are very pleased to have our friend Kyle Pace join us tonight for the 15th episode of The Two Guys Show! Kyle is instructional Technology Specialist and Google Certified Teacher from near Kansas City, MO. He is also one of the founders of EdCampKC. Kyle is the person we always go to when we have a question about Google. He is extremely knowledgeable and one of the nicest guys you will ever meet!

Follow Kyle on Twitter @KylePace