Friday, November 22, 2013

The White House Got It Right

I am currently sitting in Cleveland International Airport still trying to comprehend the events that took place the past 36 hours: 

  • White House Tour 
  • Surprise Guest Speaker President Obama 
  • 10 Game Changing Educators celebrated at the White House ConnectED Champions of Change Ceremony
  • JFK Ceremony at Arlington Cemetery
  • Memories with friends that will last a lifetime! 
I have an excited and inspired feeling knowing the White House got it right! They recognized 10 educators across the country who are changing the lives of their students in innovative ways. This feeling is very different from the disappointed and frustrating feeling I had flying home from Washington D.C. two months ago. 

The White House selected Bud HuntJennie MagieraMark CoppinHeather CoxS. Dallas DanceMisa GonzalezCarolyn FooteDaphne BradfordBrain Walsh, and our great friend Todd Nesloney as White House ConnectED Champions of Change.  The White House celebrated their story, successes, knowledge, commitment, and passion for changing the lives of each student they encounter. They took the time and focused on the people on the front lines, working hard to make a difference instead of flashing their names quickly across a screen. In place of a bad impersonation of the President mocking people, President Obama was there to speak to the Champions, shake each ones hand, and pose for photos. They allowed the Champions and their guests to tour the White House, instead of hiring a comedian to mock students and parents. 

President Obama speaking during the Champions of Change Ceremony

The 10 ConnectED Champions of Change are educating our future to become lifelong learners, and impactful citizens. It was inspiring to listen to them speak about their students in their classrooms humbly giving them all credit. I applaud the White House for getting it right when others have failed to. 

Congratulations to the educators selected as White House: ConnectED Champions of Change!


  1. Finally, someone has caught the true sense or feeling of the Obama administration.
    In sensitivity, this little notation is worth a thousand media reports. Thanks Mr. MInock.

  2. How awesome! I am envious of this experience, but I am so glad that we have social media so I can share in it. Now to get school districts to embrace innovative uses of technology and to have robust infrastructures in place. Thank you, President Obama for giving teachers recognition.