Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Two Guys Show #11: Brad Gustafson #2GuysShow

Welcome to episode #11 of  The Two Guys Show with our featured guest Brad Gustafson!  Brad is a principal in Wayzata, MN and is inspiring his staff to do amazing things using augmented reality.  He has recently started the World Book Talk which allows students to us the augmented reality app Aurasma to view book talks from students and adults from all over the world! He has also recently announced a new podcast he will be starting with 2 other principals, John Frizky and Tony Sinanis, called 3 Leaders Making Videos. Their podcast will debut around Thanksgiving time this year. This episode will inspire you and bring you to tears with laughter as Principal Gustafson does an "AR AMBUSH" on our very own Brad Waid. This moment in the show is priceless! Check out this episode and see how Brad is inspiring his teachers and students to reach amazing new heights!

Brad's amazing "2 Guys" Foam Finger! 
Follow Brad Gustafson on Twitter @GustafsonBrad

Principal Brad Gustafson

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