Saturday, November 30, 2013

8 Tech Tools We're Thankful For!

In the spirit of Thanksgiving we decided we would share a short list of tech tools we are thankful for. Most who have met us know we like to discuss only a few apps or tools that we know make a difference.

ThreeRing is a tech tool we use daily to communicate with our parents and make them feel like they are in our classroom without actually being there. ThreeRing give you the ability to securely share pictures, audio recordings, video, and notes. It also creates a digital portfolio for each student which is easily search able using tags. Once you share the artifact with the parents or student, they can then comment back and forth with the teacher which increases communication. 

Remind 101 is one the easiest to use, yet most productive tools available! The ability to safely text my students or parents for quick reminders or important information is priceless. We also love the ability to schedule future texts for upcoming events or deadlines. 

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Zite is an intelligent newspaper that allows you to personalize the content or topics you're interested in. This has allowed me to discover many great articles and blog posts to increase my knowledge on a subject. I often check Zite hourly for new articles I might be interested in and save them to my "reading list" on my Mac. 

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AppsGoneFree has allowed me to discover many educational apps that usually cost money but go free for a day. Each day around noon EST, I get a push notification telling me what apps are free that day. 

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Anything Augmented Reality
Augmented reality(AR) has been a passion of our since we stumbled upon it earlier this year. Since then we have been determined to explore as many augmented reality programs as possible. We have seen how AR can expand and deepen learning as well as bring a magical experience to a lesson. 

Write About This is an engaging and creative writing application. It allows the user to use text and voice prompts, publish stories, create prompts, and much more. This app can create an exciting atmosphere during each writing lesson.

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Cargo-Bot is the first game created using an iPad app called Codea. It challenges students will various leveled puzzles while teaching them the basics of coding. The tutorials to start are a great way for students to dip their toes in the water before completely jumping it. We have see this app challenge all students no matter what learning style.


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Twitter has completely changed our lives! It has allowed us to become connected with like minded people, inspirational leaders, game changing educators, engaging podcasts, and edtech start ups. It has also allowed us to create and discover friendships that will last a lifetime. Becoming connected is the #1 thing we are thankful for and Twitter has allowed us to do this. 

We have listed a few of our favorite tech tools we are thankful for because they help students create a love for learning as well as help us as educators grow as learners. We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! 

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  1. Most of these are new to me. Thanks for opening my eyes to some new tech possibilities!