Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Teaching Sign Language with Augmented Reality

Image from www.babysignandlearn.com

Our school, Eastover Elementary, is the host school for several DHH (Deaf and Hard of Hearing) students from neighboring cities around our county.  My classroom, as well as Mr. Waid's classroom, is located in the DHH wing of our school. Many of the students are main streamed into general education classes with a DHH teacher who attends general education classes and specials with the students to help communicate. One of our amazing DHH teachers, Heather Hoisington, has really picked up on augmented reality and started using it in exciting ways with her students. Not long ago she sent me an email with a link to Baby Sign and Learn. This website is dedicated to teaching babies some basic sign language. It was their Magic Camera App that really caught my eye because it uses our favorite tool, augmented reality. 

Magic Camera uses augmented reality with special colorful flashcards featuring cartoon babies. Download the free app and hold it up to the cards on the poster below to see them come to life! 

The great thing about these flashcards is the ability to teach people of all ages basic sign language. These basic signs are great for our students to learn to communicate with our DHH students in the hallway or in class. 
We are very lucky to have an amazing group of DHH educators, as well as a great group of students here at Eastover Elementary! 

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