Saturday, October 12, 2013

Explain3D: 3D Interactive Simulations

3D simulations available 
Imagine a situation where you are trying to describe how something functions, but are having trouble finding the correct words. For example, how a manual transmission works, “Rotating gears... , shifting gear........and how the car moves forward.” Explain3D is developing a simple and easy solution for this challenge: 3D interactive simulations. 

Explain3D is a system of educational simulations, that help people understand how things work. Explain3D was recently launched at the beginning of September 2013 and there are currently 8 simulations available. The goal of the Explain3D team is to create an interactive educational tool. Explain3D is using principles of game based learning and interactive education in 3D environment.
Functionality The simulations are online at and access to the system is free for all users. The simulations have a variety of functions, like rotation of selected simulation or you can get more information after clicking on objects. Some simulations have advanced functions, and become more interactive like the manual transmission where you can shift gears.

Jet Engine Simulation

Technical requirements There are no special technical requirements. If you have internet connection and web browser, you can start using these educational simulations. The only thing you need to do, is to install Unity web player (currently available for Windows and MAC OS X). Installation is fast and simple, it's similar to flash player when you want to play online videos.
Suggest a simulation Didn't find simulation you needed? No problem! You can simply send a description of simulation you need and send it to Explain3D. Just hit “suggest simulation” from “simulations” menu ( . The creators of explain3D will contact you, when the simulation is ready and online.
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