Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Analog Twitter Wall to Build Relationships and Digital Citizenship

My Analog Twitter Wall before the start of school.

We live in a time where just "1 Click" can ruin someones life. Students in my 4th grade class are very aware of various social media websites and some even have accounts. Instead of acting like social media does not exist, lets teach them how to use it properly to keep them safe from others, and most importantly safe from themselves.

It was on May 2nd on this year I decided to create a professional Twitter handle to connect with educators around the world, as well as share stories from my classroom. It did not take long for me to realize how powerful Twitter can be as a way to connect and learn from others. During this past summer, I heard about many educators using Twitter in their classroom. 

I loved the idea but did not know how to start or incorporate it into my classroom. I decided to go against the digital trend and use an analog Twitter wall to encourage students to express their feelings and thoughts. 

On the first day of school, I gave each student a laminated sentence strip. Each sentence strip had a couple of magnets attached to the back to easily attach and remove from our wall. To get started, I went through the "Twitter Basics" to explain the definitions of a tweet, twitter handle, hashtag, and followers. 

Idea from https://www.teachingchannel.org/blog/2013/06/20/twitter-in-the-classroom/

My students were very excited at the opportunity to tweet. Each student created a personal Twitter handle. I decided to make tweeting a main segment in our daily morning routine. Each morning the students enter the classroom, they follow the same routine:
1. Place homework or notes for me in a blue bucket
2. Tweet
3. Lunch Count/Attendance

After lunch count and attendance is finished, we gather for morning meeting to discuss the days schedule and share tweets.  Each tweet also allows me to learn about my students interest, exciting events outside of school, and daily emotions. This allows me to build a stronger relationship with each student and help them reach their greatest potential. 

During the first week of school we discussed appropriate tweets, comments, building a positive digital profile. I also write an analog tweet each morning to model digital citizenship. 

Creating an analog Twitter wall with my 4th grade class has helped me build positive relationships with each student, address the important topic of digital citizenship, as well as an activity to start each day that makes every student excited about school.  

Our Analog Twitter Wall
Other educators around my school have seen the excitement tweeting brings each student and have decided to join the party. It is great to have students sharing the feelings, and learning to be digital citizens at the same time!



  1. I love your analog Twitter wall. I use Edmodo as my tool of choice to teach my 4th graders netiquette and digital citizenship. I am so glad my students can use this social media tool and not violate any terms of service. They love the social aspect of it, and I love that I can moderate everything and help them learn how to properly navigate the waters of social media.

  2. Hey buddy!!! Love your walls that you have created. I have one similar on my door. Are those laminated sentence strips? Miss you guys but have been listening to your show on edreach!

  3. This is amazing! I love this idea I will look to do this when I get my class hopefully next year. Thanks for sharing