Monday, September 16, 2013

Augmented Reality Brings Learning to Life

We had the privilege to connect with education report Tanya Roscorla (@reportertanya) during out time at the ISTE Conference in San Antonio, Texas.  Tanya is a reporter for the Center for Digital Education (@centerdigitaled) based in Sacramento, California. During this interview we had the opportunity to express our passion for using augmented reality in education and how we believe it enhances the learning experience.

Augmented reality mixes computer and real world environments. And if you're not on board with it now, you're going to miss out on the future of education technology.

"If you watch Harry Potter, when those kids are walking through Hogwarts in the castle, they're not just pictures on the wall," said Drew Minock, third grade teacher at Eastover Elementary School. "Those pictures are alive, you know. Just imagine, like, the Night at the Museum where the figures at the museum are now alive. Well, we can do that with just about anything we want in our classroom now."

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