Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Two Guys Show: TONIGHT AT 9PM EST!!

We are excited to announce we will be joining the EdReach Network with the creation of The Two Guys Show! Our show will be live on Tuesday night at 9:00pm EST. It will be available to download and subscribe in iTunes and using the Stitcher app.
Our show will feature:
  • Latest in educational technology
  • Augmented reality in education
  • Interviews with Game Changing Educators
  • Shout outs to exciting ideas from Twitter and blogs
  • Upcoming EdTech conferences, and deadlines
Our show will be full of energy and passion for sharing ideas, stories, and educators who are making a difference in the lives of students. We will announce our the date and time of our show very soon so stay tuned! We will also be using the #TwoGuysShow for comments throughout the show, as well as questions us or guest. Make sure to check out the promo video for The Two Guys Show!


  1. super excited for you guys! Looking forward to listening to your shows on my long runs!!!