Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Discussing an Augmented Reality World! - AR Detroit

On Monday, July 29th our baby took it's first step!  That evening, a group of metro Detroit Augmented Reality enthusiast got together at Honnigman Law office to discuss all thing AR! It was a great success as we had 15 amazing people there to discuss how they use Augmented Reality in their field.  An Attorney, Law Students, An Executive Producer, The Co-Founder of Red Piston, Educators, A Business Development Manager, A Business Development Director, An Instructional Designer & Technical Writer, Some Data Scientist, Some Engineers & Programmers and more.

Erin Klein giving Leap Motion a try at the AR Detroit Meet up.
It started when I picked up my good friend Erin Klein @KleinErin for the meeting.  I wanted to get there early so Brian and I could make sure everything was working and ready for the meeting (we were already down a man because Drew @techminock was doing a RockStar tour of San Francisco). When Erin and I arrived, we found Brian in the conference room playing with his new toy..."Leap Motion".  Anyone who got there early got a chance to try it out! (see videos on our Instagram).
Brian and I getting the event started.

The meeting started with Brian and I welcoming everyone to the meeting and going over what AR Detroit was and what we wanted it to be (A place where people could come and see the latest technology in AR and have amazing discussions about the application and the implementations of the technology in the AR World).  Next, were quick introductions of the members who were present and how they view or use Augmented Reality in their field.

Steve showing the amazing things DAQRI is working on! 

On to the demos! This was an exciting part of the meeting.  It was time to see and hear about the latest and greatest in Augmented Reality!  To start things, Brian spoke about Augmented Reality and the Legal impacts of using the technology.  Brian is Partner and Chair of the Social, Mobile and Emerging Media Practice Group at Honigman Miller Schwartz and Cohn LLP and an expert in the field.  Brian did an amazing job explaining the legal side of it and leaving everyone with an altered mindset and great questions.  After Brian finished, it was time for Steve Petersen steven.petersen@daqri.com to share some of the amazing things DAQRI is doing in the world of AR.  Steve is the Detroit contact for all things DAQRI in the Detroit & Michigan area.  He demoed everything from the human heart to making blue prints "Pop-up" and come to life.  He rocked it.  Next was, Jakub Koter the co-founder of Red Piston which specializes in building innovative Mobile Apps for iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry Playbook.  He showed some cool projects they had worked on for both Lowe's and Mercedez-Benz.  He was then able to give us a sneek peak at a project they were working on for a national client.  After Jakub finished, it was time for Jim O'Donnell nonlinearcreative@me.com to show the amazing AR stuff he created!  Jim works has his own company called NonLinear Creative and he aslo does contract work for Jackson-Dawson.  Jim showed some awesome projects he created for Ford and other car companies.  After that, Jim and I demoed our "Planets" app that we are working on togehter.  Jim has done an amazing job with the app.  When you open the app, you are able to put the entire solar system on the table, there for you to interact with and explore!  After the demos, we jumped right into a round-table discussion about using AR in the World!  After about an hour of amazing discussion, it was time to call the meeting to a close.  After a couple hours, the inaugural meeting for AR Detroit was over.  It was an amazing night of Augmented Reality Demos and fascinating discussions! 

Jim showing a new update to Planets!

   Thank you to everyone for all your support and thanks to these companies for giving us material to talk about and inspiration; DAQRI, Aurasma, Mitchlehan Media, Red Piston, Apparmo and others.  

If you are interested in joining the group, please go to http://www.meetup.com/AR-Detroit/.  If you are not in the area, please chat with us through meetup.com (AR Detroit) or tweet at us using our twitter handles

Brad Waid - @techbradwaid
Brian Wassom - @bdwassom
Drew Minock - @techminock
AR Detroit - @ARDetroit


  1. Really interesting post. Great to see AR used in so many different ways. I'm glad to come across your blog. Looking forward to learning more about your efforts.


    1. Hey Chris, thanks! Hope you find it informative and useful! We are having our next meeting Sept. 23rd.

  2. Congratulations and thanks for share!

  3. Brad,
    I am a 5th grade science teacher in Ohio. I have been using iPads for 3 years, love using Aurasma and SpaceCraft 3D, and would LOVE to check out your Planets app! I have a huge Earth and Space Science unit with NASA, Lego Mindstorm Rovers, and much more. I am so excited about the possibilities of AR in the classroom. Please let me know if there is any way to connect with you on science AR apps. Thank you for the post and keep up the amazing work!
    Leah LaCrosse

  4. Hey Leah :-)

    Thank you! Love to chat sometime about AR science apps! We are not only working on the Planets App but we are also working on some cool stuff with Daqri!

    Contact me on twitter or through gmail.

    Thanks Leah,