Saturday, July 13, 2013

Podstock 2013 = Opportunity for Change

It is hard to believe that we depart on our 963 mile journey to Wichita, Kansas in just 3 days! It is going to be a busy, long few days filled with meeting new friends, old friends, and lots of edtech! When we tell people we are presenting at Podstock, we often get the same question: 

What is Podstock?

"So what is Podstock? It's a tech integration conference. But it's more than a conference. It's learning. It's conversation. It's family. It's a revolution!"

"It's a bunch of cool folks getting together to learn more about how to improve education. Podstock is about creativity, about inspiration, about what’s good for kids. About an educational revolution! And we'll use whatever it takes - technology, PBL, gaming, online tools . . . we'll try anything as long as it helps kids learn." (

Podstock isn't just going to be a tech integration conference for us, but an opportunity to change the way educators use technology in their classroom, school, district, and community. We are on a mission to spread the word on engaging, interactive technology that will change the game for all educators. We have seen the change start in our community,  and the change will benefit the children in our schools. The ability to use technology as a tool, and not an outcome, will create students transforming into lifelong learners. It is shown perfectly in this picture originally from Bill Ferriter's Flicker page:

Technology should not be something educators use so they can "check it off the list" but a tool for students to engage in deep and higher level thinking. It is a tool for students to become the creator of their learning. It is in the teacher's hands to give their students the opportunity to use technology as a tool, or a learning outcome. Many educators are often scared to give their students autonomy when using technology because it take the outcome out of their hands. I often wonder, "Why is that a bad thing?" Teaching is more than raising test scores (although many think otherwise) and pushing through the curriculum. It is about developing relationships with students and giving them a place to grow and develop as citizens. Join the movement for change and be the educator you would want as a student, or one you would want your children to have.  So the question I pose is: 

What kind teacher are you going to be? 

Our Podstock 2013 Trailer

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  1. Great post! Looking forward to meeting you two at Podstock this year! Tamara Konrade, ESSDACK