Monday, July 22, 2013

Podstock 2013: Game Changing Apps & Recap

Brad and I have been waiting months for day 2 of Podstock to arrive! We were very excited to present and share the few apps that have changed the game for us as educators.  We were not sure how many people would attend our session, but were blown away when we saw several people waiting to attend.  

If you have met Brad and I, you know we are very passionate about sharing ideas we have found to be successful.  We shared the apps we call "game changing apps." They are:
Amazed by the magic and power of augmented reality!

We were told by several people, "Podstock is unlike any other conference you will attend." They were correct! It is a small conference (capped at 400) which adds to the family like atmosphere. Brad and I had a wonderful time at Podstock 2013 and cannot wait to get back for the Super Hero themed Podstock 2014!
Podstock 2014: Teachers are Superheroes too!

Check out the video below for a slideshow form our presentation:

Thank you Nancy for taking all the great pictures!

Thank you to the entire ESSDACK family for putting on an amazing conference!

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