Saturday, July 20, 2013

Podstock 2013: Day 1 of the Revolution

We were very excited to start the revolution that is called Podstock. The opening keynote speaker was Mark Klassen, (@Markklassen) 19 year old cinematographer from Ontario. Mark talked about how he used his PLN, various mentors, and other online-resources to help himself learn. We were amazed at his mature view point on education and philosophy on learning styles.
EASSDACK CEO Mike Cook talking before  Mark Klassen's keynote 

Brad and I decided to divide and conquer during the day 1 sessions. We were able attended many different sessions including a session by high school sophomore Sarah Beeghley who created the award-winning "Civil War Sallie" Project. The "Civil War Sallie" Project is a stuffed animal bear that travels around to schools, and museums to help kids learn about the Civil War.  It is amazing to see students like Sarah (@The_Geeky_Girl) creating projects to help others learn. 

We also attended the Q & A session, and filming session with keynote Mark Klassen. Mark went more in depth about his story and philosophy of learning. He also shared many great tips to create classroom videos. 

It would not feel appropriate to attend Podstock, and not attend a session by our "Yoda" Kevin Honeycutt! Kevin's Launch Me session was very inspirational and informative. 
Live out LOUD!! - Kevin Honeycutt

One of our favorite sessions of the entire conference was When Teachers Start Thinking Like Game Designers by ESSDACK's newest addition Curtis Chandler. Curtis does an amazing job getting the audience engaged throughout his entire presentation. We played several games, and even had a small dance party at one point. We both look forward to seeing Curtis present again in future. Check out his site for great resources:

Brad and I decided to join in on the Podstock Gift Exchange tradition. We decided to give away some augmented reality gifts and they went quick! Our AR gift bags were the first 2 presents locked in that no one could steal. 

The first day ended with the Podstock Reception and Dance! It was the perfect way for everyone to meet each other, rock out, and of course completely "nerd out." The night filled with making new friends and fun. It could not have ended more perfectly when my raffle ticket was picked and I won a new iPad Mini! 
Me, ESSDACK CEO Mike Cook, Kevin Honeycutt, Dr. Steve, and Brad

The band getting set up for the reception.

Having some fun in the VW Van.

Rocking out with Nancy and Kevin.

Brad joining the action!

I was lucky enough to win an iPad Mini at the Podstock Reception!

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