Saturday, July 20, 2013

Augmented Reality Session from #edcampHome

I walked in the door after a 25 1/2 hour trip home from Podstock 2013 just in time to jump into the #educampHome Augmented Reality GHO. It was great to see educators who are getting excited about using augmented reality in their classroom or school this upcoming year. Check out the video below for some tips about Aurasma, as well as a newly updated sneak peak at our augmented reality app Planets! Also check out the session notes posted below for more resources. 

Augmented Reality GHO - #EdCampHome

Getting started with AR

1) Get an Aurasma Studio Account

2.)Brad & Drew’s website
  • Contains tutorials on how to create the aurasma studio account
  • how to create the auras
  • examples and so much more

3.) AR Resources
BNHS Aurasma Presentation: More Trigger Images (some repeats) | Thrasymakos

My blog post (Craig Yen @craigyen) about AR (contains some AR/auras) 
contains links to Brad/Drew’s website... also the AR episode link above

Techlandia Podcast  (hosted by Jon Samuelson) (featuring Brad & Drew)
@TechlandiaCast "Techlandia the AR" episode. Highly recommend!Ć¢€¦ 

Augmented Reality Symbaloo
Getting Smart article:

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