Thursday, June 6, 2013

Twitter has changed everything!

Ashlee Logan- Our EdTech Rockstar friend from SC!

When I started my education career many educators I knew feared social media like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and others could only do harm to your career. I was one of those people as well. Never did I realize the POWER of social media from a professional viewpoint. I can now say that Twitter has changed everything! Twitter has opened our eyes to a world of educators and professionals who have inspired us to reach for new heights. It has allowed Brad and I to connect with rockstars like Edtech expert Kevin Honeycutt (, All-World teacher and blogger Erin Klein (, Online Teacher of the Year and Google Glass Explorer Andrew Vandel Heuvel (, EdTech Rockstar Ashlee Logan (@logan_ashlee), and countless others. The connections we have made through Twitter have inspired us to take risks, share ideas, learn, and change the lives of the educators and students we encounter. It has given us ideas, and resources to "change the game" and improve the learning environment in our classrooms. We have always been energetic and passionate about education but Twitter has helped us form friendships and connections to try great things. We hope our blog and tweets will inspire you to reach new heights and continue to be a lifelong learner!

I will leave you with a statement that embodies the power of Twitter and is one I will never forget. It was the first tweet I received from our New Zealand friend Luke Dyer (@Dukelyer) that read, "Education PLN has no geographical restrictions, boarders or boundaries."  

Thank you Twitter and all the "game changing" connections we have made! 


  1. Guys,
    thank you for such kind words and to mention me in the company of education heroes like Erin, Ashley, Andrew and the Man KH!

  2. We have a small iPad pilot in our school and we cheap followers are using them to create meaningful and engaging lessons. We hope our ideas, resources,