Tuesday, June 11, 2013

ThreeRing - “I feel like a fly on the wall in my child’s classroom.”

Three Ring is a powerful tool that allows teachers to create, and share digital portfolios of the students in their classroom. This application has transformed the way we interact and communicate with the parents of our students. 

Sustainability is one of our school initiatives and Three Ring has helped us share student assessments, newsletters, and announcements with parents without making a single copy. Three Ring gives us the ability to capture video clips, audio recordings, pictures already on our devices, and capture photos at any moment. This great tool brings the parents into the classroom without physically being there. As one parent has told me, “I feel like a fly on the wall in my child’s classroom.” Three Ring also gives parents talking points with their child when they return home from school because the parents are able to see the activities and assignments we do throughout the day. We have also used Three Ring to capture exciting moments on field trips for those parents who are unable to attend.

One of the best things about Three Ring is that the parents can only view their child’s content. This allows us to send pictures of graded assessments and personal pieces of work without the worry of others being able to view it. Once the picture, video clip, audio recording, are shared with the parents, they may comment or ask questions back and forth with the teacher. The teacher may also can also make notes about the assignment or activity that only themselves can see. Three Ring is also great for parent/teacher conferences. Three Ring allows you to search a student’s name, or specific tag, and it will immediately pull the searched content up to view. 

Three Ring has been created a sustainable and organized approach to student portfolios and parent interaction. It is an easy, yet powerful tool I recommend to all educators!

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  1. Thanks for the recommendation! I always have my phone and/or iPad nearby in my classroom, and take pictures often, which I then share with families once they're sorted and captioned, which tends to NOT happen until I'm at home at the end of the day. Hoping that this app will not only help me document my students' learning but also free up some more time for my own family.