Sunday, June 23, 2013

ISTE Day #1: Bringing SA Zoo and Dinosaurs to Life!

Wow is how I would describe day #1 at ISTE 2013. Brad and I busted out some augmented reality on the plane to San Antonio and it didn't stop until our heads hit the pillows late last night.

Brad and I were playing around with augmented reality on the plane when we notice someone standing in the isle looking over our shoulders. That's when we got our first chance to show off our Planets app to Kip from Garden City. He was blown away by the technology and took a couple of cards to pass out. Once we landed and checked into our hotel it was time for our behind the scenes look at how the San Antonio Zoo is using augmented reality to teach kids. It was an amazing experience to walk around the zoo with Libby Castillo and Jeremy Kenisky to get a first hand look at the excitement visitors have for augmented reality.


 After our visit to the zoo, Jeremy took us over to The Witte, a science museum, to gives us a tour of Dinosaurs Unearthed.  His company has used 20 iPads spread out to engage the visitors with an augmented reality experience like no other!

The day ended connecting with amazing educators and great friends! We are very lucky to have made great friends with rockstars like Erin Klein and Andrew Vanden Heuvel. It was a wild first day at ISTE 13 and I know the week is only going to get better!

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  1. It's so cool when your passion can turn into a success in your life...and takes on a life of it's own! You guys rock!!!! Can't wait to read more, and then hear more when you get home!