Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Podstock Presentation Trailer

It is only 58 days until our Game Changing Apps presentation in Wichita, Kansas at Podstock! It will take place in Keen Kutter C on Friday July 18th at 11:00am. We will be presenting game changing apps for student engagement, teacher productivity, and augmented reality. We will show you how we are using these apps to change the culture and engagement in out classroom and our school. This session will benefit all grade levels an administrators. This is happening now! Come see how we are changing the game! Below is a short trailer to get you excited!
PODSTOCK: It's an Educational Revolution!


  1. Can't wait guys! Podstock is going to love what you bring!

    1. Thanks Kevin! We are excited and can't wait to connect at ISTE

  2. Podstock is the most amazing conference! So glad you are going to be able to share your talents with this awesome group of game changers!