Wednesday, May 29, 2013

First ever Live Stembite from Glass Explorer Andrew Vanden Heuvel today!!

UPDATE: We can not thank Andrew enough for inviting us to take part in the World's first ever live STEMbite using Google Glass! Our students were engaged the whole time and Andrew does an amazing job making hard concepts easier to comprehend. We have had great feedback from the students and parents and everyone is hoping we are able to participate in another live STEMbite in the future! Thank you Andrew and thank you Glass!! Check out the short highlight video from the STEMbite below! 

Good morning everyone,I am very excited to share we have been invited to participate in a first ever live Stembite from our friend and Google Glass Explorer Andrew Vanden Heuvel! Andrew works full-time as an independent contractor, working largely with Michigan Virtual University on a variety of projects related to online learning. In 2010, he was selected as Michigan Online Teacher of the Year and as a finalists for the National Online Teacher of the Year. I have attached a link to his website and his Google Glass youtube video where he took a class on a virtual field trip to CERN using Google Glass. The science lesson will be 15 minutes including a live Q&A afterward. Hope everyone has a great day!

Video description: Join us as physics teacher/Glass Explorer Andrew Vanden Heuvel takes a classroom on a virtual field trip into the Large Hadron Collider. Learn more about Andrew's adventures teaching through Glass at his blog:

Click link below to view. 

Check out his Stembite Channel full of great science mini lessons by clicking the link below!

Follow Andrew on Twitter here: @avheuv

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