Friday, May 31, 2013

"Augmented reality is an educational tool and helps us learn in a better and more engaging way."

Brad and I were very fortunate to attend an augmented reality panel last night at the Baldwin Theater in Royal Oak, Michigan. The event featured Daqri Founder and CEO Brian Mullins. We were very excited to discuss the future of augmented reality in education and how it can change the way students learn in school. Daqri is working on amazing things and we can not wait to connect with Brian again in the future to discuss how we can help change lives in the classroom using augmented reality! Below is some information about Brian from
Brian Mullins is a visionary and a technological democrat. He believes that technology is so important to our ability to function in business and life that it is becoming a liberty all should have access to. With a background in industrial robotics and management at multi-billion dollar firms, Brian now creates value as an experienced entrepreneur who solves his own real world problems by creating technology solutions, and then shares them with the world. Daqri, dubbed the “Youtube of AR” is his third company.
Brian says:
“Before YouTube, only a select few people had video on their websites, but now whether it’s a cat video a video blog or a trailer for a Hollywood blockbuster, everyone can publish their video content easily and without writing code.   We want to do the same thing for Augmented Reality.  We don’t think everyone is going to create their own augmented reality experiences, but we want to open the door to those who do want to create them so that more and more people can consume this kind of experience.”
Brian’s vision is to grow the platform with consumers and also with key B2B verticals that can benefit from customers’ visualizing their products in AR.  Opening the API, and inviting innovation in the space by making the tools very accessible to everyone and building a strong community of daqri users and developers.

Element Cube by Daqri - Coming Soon

Daqri 4D: It starts now

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